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Dramedy would just as soon stay in Pandastan and continue enjoying the life of an exile, but all is not well in America. President Gripp has assumed dictatorial power of the country, and Dramedy and her friends have been called to build new bridges of understanding between Pandastan and the United States. That turns out to be a pretty tall order.
At first, the main challenge appears to be the money-worshipping religion called Marketism that’s sweeping the United States, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. A secret international conspiracy has plans for world domination that will alter the very nature of humanity itself, and it’s one step ahead of Pandastan at every turn.
As the world falls apart around them, Dramedy, Candy, Carrie, and Jack each struggle to find a path forward. Only love and lenwa seem to offer any hope for the future. To access this hope, they must learn to believe what their hearts already know to be true. Easier said than done.

The Pandastan Trilogy explores our human civilization, bent on self-destruction, alongside an evolved society of mystic pandas who intervene to prevent planetary environmental collapse. Having developed the ability to tap into the nonphysical fields of existence through mental discipline, the pandas devote their powers to preserving a living future for all the inhabitants of Earth. But unless they can convince humanity to change its ways willingly, their powers will not be enough to prevail.

The tale follows a small group of ordinary Americans who unexpectedly find themselves at the juncture between human and panda worlds. Each of them must confront the challenge of finding a meaningful approach to life in a world that’s headed on a collision course with disaster. Only a revolution in human consciousness seems to offer any hope. They turn to the pandas for teachings in mind, spirit, and love, seeking to apply this wisdom in service of a healed age.

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